Selling Your St. Louis Business

Three More Reasons to Consider Selling Your St. Louis Business:

As with everything in life, businesses have a sell-by or expiration date. Or, in some cases, it’s just time for a dramatic change in priorities or goals.

Selling your business may also make great business sense and cents.

Here are three reasons to consider selling your business:

The market is hot.

Sometimes the best time to cash in is when things are at their peak. Maybe you’re in a space that was red hot for years but is now cooling. There’s no shame in selling your St. Louis business, taking a profit, and moving on to the next big thing.

Time to move on to something new.

Most entrepreneurs are not married to one business or industry. Sometimes it’s time to move on to the next hot business or something that’s more challenging or aligns with your passions.

Poor performance.

Sometimes things lose their luster. Maybe your heart is not in the business that you started twenty years ago. No one can fault you for recognizing that you’ve taken it as far as it can go and it is past time to sell. Also, sometimes a new set of eyes and a new owner can take what you’ve created and build upon it in a way that you just can’t.

No matter what your motivation or life circumstances are, St. Louis Group Business Brokers can help you sell your business discreetly and to a motivated, vetted buyer. For almost 43 years, we have been helping St. Louis and Southern Illinois small business owners evaluate, market, and sell their businesses. We have the largest database in the Metro St. Louis area, and that means we help more businesses sell and more buyers buy. Our team is also the largest and most experienced around. We know what it takes to get top dollar for your business and how to do it faster. We don’t get paid until you get paid, and we offer a no-obligation valuation of your business. We help sell businesses every day, so we know the market, prices, trends, and pitfalls.

Take the first step towards success and call us at (314) 842-3802. We also have a staff member on the floor at all times, so walk-ins are welcome. What are you waiting for? Today is the day you can accomplish your goals and sell your business.

Sell Your St. Louis Business: 3 Reasons To Consider

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Three More Reasons It Might Be Time to Sell Your St. Louis Small Business.

At some point, most every business owner will be faced with the decision to sell their business. There are so many reasons and they vary for every owner.

Here are some common reasons to possibly consider selling your St. Louis business:

It’s time to move on to the next big thing.

Entrepreneurs know when to sell their business and move on to the next venture. Successful business owners can take what they learned in building one successful business and apply it to a new venture. Selling at the top of your game may make perfect sense and it also allows you to cash out and sell your successful business to a new, motivated, vetted buyer.

Lagging interest and a change in priorities.

Sometimes entrepreneurs start a business because it’s was a passion, a hobby or a hot business sector.

All human beings experience change. People get burnt out, bored, and tired of the monotony. Small business owners are no different. Sometimes a business that starts as a passion, a necessity, or even as something fun to do, loses its luster. If the passion is gone, perhaps it’s time to sell. Life is short and there’s no time like the present to make a change that improves your life and finances.

Financial Need.

Life throws us all curveballs and shifts priorities. Whether it’s retirement, the desire to enjoy your wealth, other investment opportunities or the need for money for medical or personal issues, selling ones St. Louis business may be a necessity and an urgent need.

Saint Louis Group Business Brokers, the St. Louis Metro’s largest, oldest, and most trusted group of professional brokers, knows that each St. Louis business seller has his or her own unique situation, motivation, and goals. We have helped thousands of business owners like you, sell your Saint Louis business.

Here are some reasons to choose us:

Experience matters. We know the market and how to provide you with the proper business valuation.

We are the largest. We have more businesses for sale than any other business broker. More listings attract more potential buyers.

We are discreet. We know that selling a business is a private and potentially life-altering challenge.

We don’t get paid until you get paid. We have skin in the game and we are motivated to serve your needs.

We have qualified, vetted and motivated buyers. Every business needs the right buyer. Saint Louis Group Business Brokers have them.

We know how to market businesses. Selling a business on your own is daunting, to say the least. A great business will only fetch top dollar if it’s marketed properly and attracts the attention of buyers.

We offer a comprehensive approach—from valuation to marketing, to selling, to completing the paperwork, we have all the bases covered. Our in-house department knows all the ins and outs.

Thinking About Selling? 5 Questions.


Are you thinking about selling your small business?

For the majority of Saint Louis small business owners, the day finally arrives when it’s time to retire, pass along your business or sell it outright. It’s not an easy decision or one that should never be made in haste.

Here are the top five questions you need to answer before considering selling your St. Louis small business:

  1. Is your business ready to go on the market? This is a big one and for some pretty obvious reasons. If you want to maximize your returns and realize the best sales price for your small business, you have to do some homework. Find your tax returns for at least three years. Take an inventory of your assets and liabilities.
  2. Is your timing good and is the market favorable? This is really important and often overlooked in the haste to sell. Selling at the bottom of a market or when a business is struggling through a rough year, is not recommended.  Selling when you’re profitable and at the peak is the best strategy. There are no crystal balls, but if your business is based on certain trends or industries, you need to take that into account in making this decision.
  3. Are you willing to stay on in some role to complete the sale? Would you consider staying on as a consultant or advisor as the new owner “learns” the business and transitions?
  4. What are the obstacles to a sale? Who owns the business? Are there investors, contractors, or any third parties that could slow, hinder or even derail a sale? If so, get your ducks in a row ASAP.
  5. Who do you approach or choose to help you sell your St. Louis small business? An accountant? A lawyer? Or, a business broker? Accountants and lawyers can be helpful with some tasks, but they lack the largest database of businesses for sale and the thousands of vetted buyers we work with already.

At Saint Louis Group Business Brokers, we have successfully helped thousands of St. Louis small business owners just like you, evaluate, market, and sell their small businesses to motivated, vetted buyers.

We are the oldest, largest and more successful business brokerages in the St. Louis metro area. We provide a free realistic market valuation, proper marketing materials and we only get paid when you do. We also have the largest database of businesses for sale and a pool of pre-screened buyers.

Call Dennis at (314) 842-3802 to learn how we can help you sell your St. Louis business.



Are you Suffering From Corporate Burnout?

Are you suffering from corporate burn out? Are you tired of making someone else rich?

More and more executives, young and old, are starting to realize that working in corporate America is not all it’s cracked up to be. These are folks that are not afraid of hard work or putting in the extra hours. They are tired of the endless meetings, bureaucracy, and the office politics. They’re starting to realize that they can’t have the impact, control, and reap the rewards of their labor that they can by being captains of their own destiny.

Are you a St. Louis executive or manager that’s tired of the same old same old? Do you enjoy new challenges and reaping the rewards of your own hard work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe it’s time you talk to Saint Louis Business Brokers, the St. Louis Metro’s largest, oldest and most experienced professional business brokerage out there. We got to be the biggest and best by helping thousands of people like you, buy an established, profitable, St. Louis business. We have the largest database of businesses for sale, and we’re also just as proud of our work in helping business owners sell their businesses to qualified, motivated, vetted buyers.

Are you a young or seasoned St. Louis corporate executive that’s been thinking about making a move to buy an established St. Louis business? If so, please read on.

Here are just some of the reasons you should work with Saint Louis Business Brokers:

We have the largest database of businesses for sale in the St. Louis metro area. This means you have a lot to choose from in finding the best new opportunity.  More listings translate into more deals.

Here’s why you should talk to us:

  • We have been in business for over 42 years. You don’t stick around in this business unless you deliver year-after-year. We’ve seen many others come and go and we’re still growing.
  • We are discreet. This is important when dealing with business buying prospects and sellers. Neither wants family, friends, co-workers, etc. to know that they’re taking this huge step.
  • In-House experts. We know how to take care of all the paperwork, cross the T’s and dot the I’s. You can focus on the important things.
  • Finally, we don’t get paid until you get paid. Just like you, we have skin in the game, and we’re paid to produce and deliver for you.

Call Dennis today: (314) 842.3802.

What is Your St. Louis Business Worth?

What Is Your Business Really Worth?

If you’re like most business owners, you really don’t know the answer to this very important question. In fact, in a recent major survey conducted by a major CPA firm, fully 65% of business owners had no idea what their businesses were actually worth. To make matters worse, three-quarters of these same business owners have their personal wealth or retirement tied up in their business.

If you don’t know what you’re worth or where you’re going financially, it’s difficult to consider valuating or selling a business. If you’re not growing and becoming more profitable, it’s time to take stock and plan. But, where do you turn? Who do you trust? CPA’s and attorneys are not always the best choice when seeking accurate information to answer this vital question.

For every business owner, eventually, there becomes a time to exit. Whether this means transferring the business to family, or more commonly, selling the business to a motivated buyer, knowing your business’ value is crucial. It’s also important to remember life can change and throw you a curve. Whether it’s an economic downturn, a downturn in your specific business, a divorce, a need for liquidity, medical bills, etc. it’s important to know what you’re worth and have a plan. Being prepared for opportunities is more important now than ever.

At Saint Louis Group Business Brokers, we’ve been helping thousands of St. Louis metro area businesses determine their correct market valuation, explore their options and find motivated, financially-motivated buyers to acquire businesses like yours. We help business owners just like you transition into the next phase of your long and prosperous life. Learn why Saint Louis Group Business Brokers are the oldest and most respected business brokers in town. We have the largest database of businesses for sale and our business broker professionals know the ropes.



Sell your business Saint Louis

Ready to Sell?

Is it time to consider selling your business? Where do you turn? Saint Louis Group Business Brokers has been helping people like you sell and buy businesses for over 42 years. We have the expertise, the largest active database of businesses for sale, knowledgeable staff, and the skills crucial in evaluating, pricing and getting top dollar for your St Louis business.

Waiting on the Perfect Business

If you wait for the perfect situation before attempting to buy a business, you could miss out on great opportunities. For example, let’s say a service business is cash flowing $250,000 per year and is priced at three times cash flow ($750,000). It comes on the market and we let our network of buyers know that it is available. There is competition for all businesses, especially the ones that are cash flowing well. The typical process is that a prospective buyer (you) sees that we have the new listing and asks for more information. We email a packet of information about the business for you to consider. It may be a week or two while you think about the opportunity. Then you respond with questions asking for even more information. After four weeks of going through this information collection, there are probably already two or three offers on this business! What the other guys did quickly was to allow us to set up a meeting with the seller in our office. They asked the seller these questions directly, which saved them time and gave them a better sense of the opportunity. This also showed the seller how serious they were about pursuing their business. The moral of this story is to act quickly by letting us help you engage sellers directly. This doesn’t mean you are responding recklessly, just that you are moving with a purpose. Contact one of our brokers today to get in the game and secure the right business for your future.

Sell your business Saint Louis

He Who Hesitates is Lost

This is an old Chinese proverb. Or He Who Hesitates, Regrets. An Albanian Proverb. Either way works in the business broker world. We see hesitation with buyers and sellers every day. Whether Buying a Business or Selling a Business, either party can ask the same questions – Is this the best or right price for the business? Will there be a better opportunity next week? Am I doing the right thing? I’ve gotten three opinions, should I get three more? When you operate your business, or make decisions in your job, hesitation can often be costly. One of the benefits of owning your own business is that you can make all the final decisions and you can make them quickly, without going to committee. Many people leave the corporate world for this reason alone. How many times have you said, “Boy, if I could run this business and make decisions without all these meetings, I could double revenue”? Here are some examples of regrets that our office has seen over the years: Seller is presented with two good offers within a year. Both were declined as insufficient. The business goes into bankruptcy because the seller’s health fails and he is not able to tend to the business. Buyer A wanted to make an offer on a business but wanted to complete due diligence first. The seller balked at providing further detailed information without an offer. Buyer B submitted an acceptable offer with a contingency for completing due diligence and makes it to the closing table. A buyer wanted to make an offer on a business but decided to wait until his kids were back in school after spring break. The business sold while he was in town – at home.
These are real regrets and real pains. It’s understandable that someone wants to make the right decision. However, we see the deal-killing results of analysis paralysis every day. In the end, those who have the ability to be decisive within a short time frame are usually the most successful at making it to the closing table with a satisfactory deal.
If you are ready to take action in controlling your future, call Saint Louis Group today and speak to one of our brokers.

Ringing up sales (reprint from STL Business Journal 8/19/11)

Saint Louis Group Business Brokers, which has been selling small businesses since 1976, sold 27 of them for $10.3 million in the first half of the year. Prices ranged from $38,000 to $2 million. Businesses sold include Bell City Battery, Gravois Grill and Halloween Express, said owner Dave Marlo.