Sell Your Business

Assist in determining the price at which your business can be sold

  • Take you through the valuation process
  • Review how your offering relates to the current local market
  • Mutually agree to a fair market sale price

Develop a market approach for to sell your business

  • Determine one or more likely buyer profiles
  • Create a generic information release on your business to share with prospective buyers
  • Create a proprietary informational package on your business to share with pre-screened buyers
  • Create a marketing plan for the sale of your business

Confidentially promote and advertise that your business is for sale

  • Place your company at the top of our official Inventory List of businesses for sale
  • Enter your listing in our buyer’s database for immediate match-up with buyers on file
  • Inform our referral network of the listing
  • Advertise through various local media and more

Handle and screen the prospective buyers

  • Schedule the showings of your business with you in advance
  • Avoid disturbing customers or employees
  • Help you show your business in the most favorable manner

Facilitate your negotiations with the buyer

  • Make sure that buyers understand your desired terms and conditions
  • Help buyers prepare their offers in the form of a contract
  • Deliver directly to you all bona fide offers to buy your business

Insure the closing requirements are addressed

  • Assist in working out contract contingencies
  • Provide a neutral attorney to monitor the closing
  • Produce all the forms used in the closing for the completion of the sale
  • Use of the closing attorney’s escrow account for earnest money deposits